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Not all Energy Audits are the same!

The purpose of an energy audit is not only to comply with the law. An accurate analysis is the pivot around which your energy strategy revolves. Rely on our 20 years of experience and the value of more than 1000 audits behind us. Your future starts with the quality of your choice.
We speak your language: for 25 years we have been working alongside major Italian and international companies as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability consultants.


check Consumption profile

Identification of critical areas of energy consumption

Audit: Standard 

check Interventions

Interventions to reduce consumption

Auditi: Standard 

check Energy savings

Quantification of potential energy savings based on results

Audit: Standard 

check Strategic Vision

Setting up a customised medium/long-term energy strategy

Audit: Plus

check Innovation

Identification of more efficient technologies for the adoption of more economical processes and energy sources

Audit: Plus

check Opportunity

Designation of a sustainability pathway for increased competitiveness

Audit: Plus


From meeting legal obligations to creating real value for your business

Advantages of our Energy Audit Plus

Our expertise in different sectors is the result of years of experience. We know how to enhance the value of companies by making them more competitive, through a customised sustainability path built around specific needs. Choosing our Plus solution represents your choice to distinguish yourself from your competitors, to embark on a unique path aimed at maximising your value.


Comparison of Basic and Energy Audit Plus

Invest in a path to sustainability, starting with your energy audit

Audit Base


up to 5%

The most cost-effective solution to fulfil legal obligations

  • Data collection through an on-site inspection
  • Realaboration of gathered data
  • Reconstruction of energy models
  • Identification of at least one energy saving intervention
  • Drafting and sending the final report

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